Was it hard for you to spend an hour without electricity during Earth Hour?
940 million (13% of the world) do not have access to electricity
You can give them the opportunity to study, work and use medical equipment
We have created a small portable solar power plant that can meet the basic needs of one family.
This device can be charged from 3 solar panels during the day and will allow you to use a computer, communications and lighting.
Whom will you help?
Laptop, mobile internet and power supply are enough for learning
Electrical tools are needed to create products and repairs
To provide assistance, lighting and power is needed for appliances
How will you help?
Buy a device for one family
  • We will ship the device ourselves and make sure it gets into the right hands.
  • The price includes the maximum shipping cost, if you can save the rest will be used to buy additional devices
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Buy a device for yourself or self-shipment
  • Buy a device, we will send the device to you and you can send it yourself or use it for yourself. Delivery is not included in the price.
$245 for self-shipment
$295 for yourself
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Send any amount
  • Once there is enough money to create and ship the device, we will.
Any amount
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