Train hundreds of students without being distracted by bureaucracy, finding students, and without dealing with technically complex services!
What do you get?
New students
We independently involve students in the application, you just have to create an interesting course and conduct an open-ended overview lesson showing your competencies
Easy course creation
All teacher's work comes from a special application on a computer with an intuitive interface
Automation check of quiz and assignment
Test items are checked automatically. Answers to tasks with a detailed answer are attached to tasks and you no longer need to search for them in WhatsApp and clog the phone memory
Technical support
For all questions, you can contact our technical specialists for help
How to get started with us?
Leave a request
We will contact you to confirm the basic competencies and create an Junior Teacher account for you
Create a course
In the teacher's computer application, you can create a course and homework. In it, you can also conduct classes, communicate with students, check and evaluate remote sensing.
Get accredited
Collect internal rating and student reviews and pass an interview with the school administration by subscription and become a Senior Teacher

Difference between junior and senior teacher

Junior teacher
  • Fixed cost of course and lessons
  • Practical or combined sessions can be taught
  • Service commission 10/40%
  • Limit for 30 students per course
Senior teacher
  • The right to change the cost of classes
  • The right to lecture
  • Commission 5/20%
  • Up to 50 people in classes and without a limit in lectures
How to reduce the service commission?

How to reduce the service commission?

It is necessary to participate in the service development program, for this it is necessary:

1. Conduct 1 open lesson per month on an agreed topic or participate in the recording of educational videos of the service

2. When checking the deployed DZ, do 10 decryptions of decisions per week

3. Check the box when placing an application or declare your desire to technical support for details

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